Recording on Omneon

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Omenon Ports

The BCIT Broadcast Omneon Server has 3 "ports" available for use:

Port # VTR Assignment Capability Primary Studio Usage
1 VTR 14 Play / Record Studio 1 or 2
2 VTR 15 Play Only Studio 2
3 VTR 16 Play Only Studio 1

Recording on VTR 14 (Omneon)

  1. In the VTR room, route your show's program video into VTR 14. (May be CG1, or another source)
  2. In the control room, route VTR 14 into Port 3.
    • This allows you to see what you are recording on VTR 14 on the "RS 3" monitor.
  3. On the server computer, Log on to Omneon_1 (the Omneon record channel).
  4. Open ClipTool Pro from the desktop.
    • Choose Player1_Rec1
  5. Select "File -> Change Current Directory..."
    • Ensure the directory is set to "/BCIT/clip.dir".
  6. Click "New", which is beside the Eject button.
  7. Enter the record filename
    • ie: "BCIT Magazine [Day], [Date]" eg. "BCIT Magazine Thurs, Sept. 12, 2013"
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click REC as appropriate for your show.
  10. If using Omneon for show playback, you need to switch to Player2 to play the stories off the server for the show (recording continues in the background until manually stopped)