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Sony HXR-NX5U HD Camera

The first in Sony's line of NXCAM solid-state camcorders, the HXR-NX5U is also the company's first professional-level AVCHD camcorder. And while it may look similar to its HDV predecessor, the HVR-Z5U, in fact this is a very different animal. Its ability to capture HD and SD video in AVCHD and MPEG-2 formats--and save it to solid state media--is only one of its distinctive traits. Full-raster 1920 x 1080 video is another, including the option of recording 720/60p video as well as 60i, 30p and 24p. And because the NX5U can capture to media cards plus an optional flash memory unit, you can simultaneously record a different signal to each, whether HD + a backup or HD + SD. The footage is then easily downloaded to a computer or backup drive using USB 2.0.

Operator Manual

Configuring for BCIT Magazine

Adobe Premiere

  • Your project settings should be "AVC Intra / 1080i / AVC-I 100 1080i60"
  • Sony NX Cameras Only: before you begin your edit – select all of your clips in the project window, then click on the “Clip” menu (at top of Program Window). Select “modify” and then “Audio Channels” and a window will open. Under the Preset drop down menu, switch from “use file” to “mono” and hit OK. This will create a second mono track for each of your source files.


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