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Editshare Connect Client

Access to the Editshare Server is restricted to on-campus use only. Users will be unable to connect from external networks due to IT security protocols.

All computers which connect to Editshare must do so through the Editshare Connect client. This client is pre-installed on all PC and Mac computers inside the Broadcast Department.

  • This client is available by using a web browser to navigate to the Editshare server.:

To install, simply download the client and run it on your Mac or PC.

To Connect to Editshare

After the Editshare client is installed, run it, and the connection window should appear

Editshare connect.png

In the "Address" field, use the IP address

In the username & password fields, use your standard BCIT student/staff ID number (ie: a00123456), and your BCIT login password.

  • You must use a lowercase "a" in the username field.

If you are connecting on your own computer (ie: a laptop), it's safe to click the "Remember Login" option. This should not be enabled when using lab computers.

Editshare on a Mac

It is possible to connect some network drives using two different internet protocols on a Mac:

  • Native SMB (Server Message Block)
  • AFP (Apple Filing Protocol)

We have found that AFP provides the best compatibility for editing on a Mac. If you are encountering file or permission errors while using software with Editshare on a Mac, please ensure that you have drives mounted as "AFP".