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Weekly VTR Assignments

VTR Type Assignment Details
# 1 DV Cam Record SHAW CABLE Tape
# 3 DV Cam Record Broadcast Journalism Air Check Tape
# 10 AJA Streaming Box Stream Stream the show
# 11 DVD-R Record Labeled: "TV Producer’s Air Check DVD"
# 12 DVD-R Record Labeled: "TV Director’s Air Check DVD c/w TV Director’s Intercom"
# 13 DVD-R Record Labeled: "Journalism Air Check DVD"

ALWAYS check with the Technical Director to confirm!

VTR Colour Picture Monitor Set Up

  • Input “A” is “House Bars” used to check the colour quality of the monitor
  • Input “B” is the output of a DV Cam Deck
  • Input “VTR” is the output of a Beta SP Deck
  • Keep the “sync” switch set to “Internal”

Dual Trace Tektronix 1740A Waveform Monitor Settings

The following “illuminated” settings must be selected on the Dual Trace Waveform Monitors:

  • “On”, “Waveform”, “Input Ch-A Ch-B”, “Parade”, “line”, “Restore” and “Ext”.

This will show you the left hand VTR deck’s display on the left side of the wave form and the right hand VTR deck’s display on the right side of the wave form.

Before the Show

  • Obtain 4 DVD–Rs from Rob Nason and label them as:
    • Black Ink:
      • “TV, BCIT MAG, Day(s) & Date(s)” to the DVD Recorder in the Board Room.
      • ”TV PRODUCER, AIR CHECK DVD, BCIT MAG, Day(s) & Date(s)”, VTR 11 to VTR 11 in the MainVTR Room
      • “BJ, BCIT MAG, Day(s) & Date(s)”, VTR 13 to VTR 13 in the Main VTR Room
    • Red Ink:
      • ”TV DIRECTOR, AIR CHECK DVD, BCIT MAG, Day(s) & Date(s)”, VTR 12 to VTR 12 in the Main VTR Room
  • Get the labeled DV Cam Tape Cassettes from Christine German:

On Wednesdays:

  • 1 x DV Cam Tape Cassette for Broadcast Journalism Archives to VTR 3 in the Main VTR Room ( SE-10-250 ).

On Thursdays:

  • 2 x DV Cam Tape Cassettes:
  • 1 x for SHAW CABLE to VTR 1 in the Main VTR Room ( SE-10-250 ).
  • 1 x for Broadcast Journalism Archives to VTR 3 in the Main VTR Room ( SE-10-250 ).
  • The VTR Record Operator records the show live to tape using two DV Cam tape machines and three DVD-R DVD Recorders and two formats: Mini DVCAM and DVD-R and Streams the show live .
  • You use VTRS 1 & 3, the three DVD Recorders VTRS 11, 12 & 13 and VTR 10 ( The AJA Live Stream Box ) located in the Main VTR Room ( SE-10-250 ).

Before the Show

  • Go through the Record Procedure:
  1. Check that all DV Cam tapes are not record protected.
  2. Turn on the DVCam VTRs #1 and #3, the three DVD Recorders and the AJA Live Stream Box and their monitors.
  3. Select "CG 1" on the routing switcher for all six machines. This is the signal you will be recording (as it is the output of the Chyron, which is “downstream” from the Production Control Rooms).
  4. In the Main VTR Room Racks, patch TV Control Room Two Director’s Intercom from "C. E. Rack Room Tie Line # 1" to "SVHS # 2 CH # 1" In.
  5. Ensure the inputs on VTRs are set to “Line”.
    • Turn the VTR Audio Limiter “ON”.
  6. Record from the beginning of the tapes (check to ensure they are rewound), with the exception of the Wednesday shows.
    • Rob Nason will show you where to cue them as there may be other programs already on them.
  7. Ensure the record operator can hear the control room intercom clearly, and the control room can hear them. They will be cued to start recording.
  8. Approximately thirty minutes before the start of the show, the control room will begin sending “Colour Bars” and “Tone”.
    • Set the “Tone” on the VU meters to -12 dB by pulling out the “Red” Record Knobs to adjust the Audio Record Levels.
  9. Do a test recording prior to the shows.
  10. There will be a separate cue one minute prior to the start of the show to indicate the start of recording on the Mini DVCAM , the DVD-Rs and Streaming Live.
    • This is because there is very little recording time on those tapes and if started too early, the tape will run-out.

Live Stream Procedure

After the Show

  • Stop Live Streaming
  • Stop, finalize, and eject the Air Check DVD–Rs for the Television Producer, the Television Director. & Broadcast Journalism.
  • Stop, rewind, and spot check the DVCam record tapes for Broadcast Journalism and SHAW CABLE
    • Move the tab to record-protect the DVCam Record tapes.
  • Take the DVCam Tapes and the DVD-Rs to the Instructors in the Board Room.
    • Give the record Broadcast Journalism DVCam tape and Broadcast Journalism Air Check DVD-R to Mary Kay or Christine German in the Board Room.
    • Give the Television Producer & the Television Director their specific Air Check DVD–Rs.
    • Give the DVCam record tape for SHAW CABLE to Rob Nason in the Board Room.
      • Rob Nason will take this DVCam tape for SHAW Cable to Judy Mills, who will send it by courier to SHAW Cable.
  • Pull the audio patch cords from the audio jack fields in the Main VTR Room.
  • Select “Black” on the Router Panels.
  • Power “off” all equipment.